Banana Peanut Butter Greek Yogurt

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If you’re too busy or tired to cook, I’ve got you covered! Here’s an idea for another no-cook meal that you can prepare in 5 minutes or less.

What I love about this one is:

  • It’s delicious
  • It’s super easy to make
  • It keeps me full for a while
  • It has a lot of protein
  • It only dirties one dish

Another great thing about this meal is that it has a balance of protein, carbs and fat, and it’s super easy to increase or decrease the portion of each if you want. I also love that you can use this basic template to make a ton of different flavor combinations.

Hopefully this gives you an idea for another type of meal that you can add to your no-effort meal arsenal.

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  1. Patrick
    | Reply

    I made this this morning. It was great. I added some chia seed and flax seed for some more texture and fiber. Thank you for the idea.

    • Christy Shaw
      | Reply

      Patrick, those sound like wonderful additions. I’m so glad you liked it!

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