Habits Aren’t Built in a Day

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Does this sound familiar? You finally resolve to tackle a daunting goal. Let’s say it’s fat loss, though it could be any goal. You’ve spent weeks doing research online, taking notes, making lists, organizing your newly-acquired knowledge, asking questions on social media, and you’ve … Read More

Is It What You Eat, or How Much?

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Most of us have at some point viewed fitness through a binary lens. In other words, we’ve probably found ourselves labeling things as being one of two extremes on a spectrum, such as “good” versus “bad,” or “healthy” versus “unhealthy,” while ignoring everything in the … Read More

Meet Yourself Where You’re At

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How much time do you spend lamenting the fact that you’re not where you should be, versus accepting and appreciating where you’re at? For me, my thoughts tend to be skewed toward dwelling on where I think I should be, my shortcomings, things I’ve … Read More

More Is Not Always Better

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When we become motivated by our results, or frustrated with slow progress, the temptation to add unnecessary strictness or complication can be hard to resist. But while it’s important to do enough, everything has a point of diminishing returns. Take strength training, for example. … Read More

The Power of Your Narrative

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Your narrative is incredibly powerful. One of the hardest things I’ve had to face in my journey is that I tend to write a crappy story for myself, one that doesn’t necessarily reflect reality. But what’s come out of that is the slow understanding … Read More

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