Measuring Food Weight vs. Volume

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It’s easy to underestimate how much you’re eating, even if you track calories and determine portion sizes using measuring cups and spoons. Accordingly, when flexible dieting is the approach that works for an individual, I prefer to use a kitchen scale to quantify portion sizes instead of tools that provide volume measurements like measuring cups or spoons. Inconsistent measurement is a problem that has plagued bakers for ages. Growing up, most of us … Read More

Stop Telling Me to Loosen Up

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For a long time now, I have battled a deep sense of shame about the fact that, while my job entails helping others with their food, I’ve been to an exceptionally dark place with my own relationship to food. I’ve spent years keeping my experiences in the dark, yielding to a profound fear that the way I manage my disorder today is not normal or, worse, that it’s unacceptable. That is, … Read More

How Many Meals Should You Eat?

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A popular idea you may have heard is that eating smaller, more frequent meals will “stoke your metabolism,” thereby improving your fat loss results. But is it true? Are smaller, more frequent meals better for your metabolism? Would you see better results if you ate six meals instead of three? It’s not likely. According to Eric Helms, MS, CSCS, and his co-authors, most studies have “failed to show that different meal frequencies … Read More

Will Eating Before Bed Make You Fat?

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Whether eating before bed will lead to fat storage is a topic that causes concern for many individuals. On the surface, it makes sense, given that we tend to be more sedentary at night and that we lie completely still while we’re asleep. So will eating before bed cause you to store fat? Possibly. But before you swear off carbs after dark, allow me to clarify something: every meal you … Read More

Can Flexible Dieting Be Structured?

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I’m a fan of flexible dieting; however, the plate below is what most of my meals look like. I enjoy routine. In fact, my meals tend to be the same every day. While dinner may rotate between a handful of favorites, it usually looks something like the picture below. Is this incongruous with flexible dieting? Not in my mind. I think that it is a common misconception that flexible dieting … Read More

The Myth of Negative Calorie Foods

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You may have heard that certain foods are so difficult for the body to break down that the process of digesting them uses more calories than they contain. These foods, dubbed negative-calorie foods, supposedly promote weight loss just by eating them. Some commonly cited examples are celery, cucumbers, cabbage and broccoli. Foods with such little energy content that the simple act of eating them causes you to lose weight would … Read More

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